Midyat’ın Tarihçesi
The district is a part of Upper Mesopotamia, was established on a flat terrain. Surrounded by mountains of volcanic surroundings.
Horoscope geographic bottleneck to the east of Midyat district, Ömerli the west, northwest Savur district, north and south of the Nusaybin keyf Batman is situated in the province of Hasan. The stage of history, which means the city of Midyat caves `Matiate` name has. M. O. Assyrian tablets 9 Century `Matiate` residential areas at night as the caves in Midyat, indicating that the first `Eleth` is said to be in Romans to the present. Eleth nearby are 3 km from the town of Midyat and Acırlı, features similar to Hasankeyf. So far, there has not been study of an archaeological area regularly. The first settlements in Midyat, caves, water wells and ventilation in order to save Will Be New cave ceilings disarmed form of a circle draws attention to the windows. Is not known by whom is to be installed on the stage of history written in Midyat, M. O. EVIDENCE enters the year 1000 written and heuristic uncovered.
The world`s oldest residential district of Upper Mesopotamia Midyat to take part in throughout the history of the Sumerians, Assyrians, Urartu, Macedonians, Romans, Persians and was the scene of many civilizations such as sovereignty.
M. S. In 640, the Prophet. Omer time of the Romans, Muslims sovereignty sovereignty. Has been dominated by the Umayyads and the Abbasids in the regions.
Abbasids started reconstruction movements distinct areas being dominant. Mostly we lived most brilliant period of the villages in Midyat, Sultan Harun al Rashid Abbasids established.
Artukid Dynasty period (Acırlı) in the town of Deyrizbin Bey, Artukogullarinin sovereignty sovereignty of other nations entered and did not exceed that time to this very day. Midyat district in 1810, who have gained a municipality and 1890. The first county administrative building made of stone arches, consists of a simple house. Actively participate in the national struggle has been assisting District People`s War of Liberation.
Midyat, but maybe not clear who is to be installed by the cradle of several civilizations throughout the history of religions in which the people of today, the diversity of languages ​​is emerging. Today, the call to prayer, as well as on the streets echoed with the sounds of life and worship continues cagiryor: living together for centuries, the Muslims did not fail in respect for each other`s beliefs, Assyrians and Yezidis ...

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